Dental Implant Restoration: Everything You Need To Know 

Dental Implant Restoration: Everything You Need To Know 

If you’re dealing with badly damaged or missing teeth, dental implants could be the solution you need to restore your smile.

To help you understand the benefits and even limitations of dental implant restorations, this article goes over the entire process. Check it out now and find out if dental implants are right for you!

What Are Dental Implants? 

Dental implants are artificial teeth designed to mimic the look and function of a natural tooth. It’s comprised of three elements:

The metal post is the section of the implant that gets inserted into the jaw. It’s connected to the crown through the abutment, which also helps absorb some of the pressure placed on the implant while chewing.

Dental implants provide a natural smile restoration and help support long-term dental health by stimulating the jaw and preventing bone loss.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Dental Implants? 

To get a dental implant, you’ll first need a consultation with Dr. David Keeling to see if you’re a good candidate for the restoration.

Usually, to get dental implants, you need to have good oral health, enough healthy bone mass, and no medical conditions that may impact your healing.

What Does the Dental Implant Restoration Process Involve?

Here’s a brief overview of the implant process:

  • Initial consultation: During it, you will find out if you’re a good candidate and if you need any additional procedures before your implants, such as an extraction, a sinus lift, or a bone graft to restore bone mass;
  • Metal post placement: Dr. Keeling inserts the metal post into the jaw to replace your missing tooth. You’ll also receive instructions on how to care for the implant site.
  • Healing: After getting an implant, you’ll need to wait around 6 months for the site to heal. The bone and surrounding tissues need time to heal around the implant.
  • Abutment and crown: Once the implant heals, you can get the abutment and dental crown attached to the metal post and complete the restoration.

How to Care for a Dental Implant

Caring for implants is identical to caring for natural teeth; it requires good oral hygiene and routine visits to the Hales Corner dentist.

But there are some things you can do to support the healing of the implant site:

  • Eat softer foods for the first few days after your surgery.
  • Chew on the other side of the mouth.
  • Don’t smoke
  • Skip working out for a few days.
  • Clean your teeth daily, but don’t brush directly over the implant site, etc. 

Dr. Keeling will give you more personalized tips after your procedure.

Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants 

See Dr. David Keeling to find out if dental implant restoration is the best solution to get back your winning smile.

You can book a consultation at DK Dental Care online, or call us at (414) 529-3253 for a chat.

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