Foods To Avoid When You Have Cosmetic Treatment

Foods To Avoid When You Have Cosmetic Treatment

Are you unhappy with the way your smile looks? Luckily, you can change your smile’s appearance thanks to the many types of cosmetic dental treatments now widely available.

From getting perfectly white teeth to changing their size, shape, or even position, there are few cosmetic issues that can’t be fixed with cosmetic dentistry.

And with the right oral care and maintenance, you can enjoy your new smile for decades or even the rest of your life. Check out this short blog post to discover some foods to avoid in order to preserve your new and improved smile.

1. Very Hard Foods

If you’ve had veneers or even tooth-reshaping procedures such as dental bonding, hard foods can end up ruining your smile long-term.

These foods require you to apply too much pressure on your teeth, which can wear down your cosmetic results and require tune-ups a lot sooner than you normally would need them.

While you don't have to say goodbye to nuts, candies, or other hard foods forever, try to be mindful of them. Avoid using your front teeth to bite or chew them, since these are the weakest, and maybe reduce the number of hard foods you consume on a daily basis.

2. Sticky Foods

Sticky foods such as caramel and gummies are bad news for the look and health of your teeth. For one thing, unless you brush your teeth right after you eat them, that sugar can stick to your teeth and attract bacteria, effectively increasing your risk for tooth decay.

But, they are also not great for cosmetic treatments like veneers or bonding, since eating them can loosen them prematurely. If you have a sweet tooth and want to enjoy these treats from time to time, try sucking them instead of chewing them.

3. Acidic Foods

Some acidic foods such as oranges or tomatoes can stain the teeth over time. If you’ve had your teeth recently whitened, you can protect your white smile for longer if you cut back on these staining foods.

The same goes for any juices, purees, or smoothies made from them. You can use a straw and drink them without exposing your teeth directly to them, but you should still be mindful of the amounts of sugar you’re consuming. 

Other Tips to Help You Preserve Your Smile

The best way to make sure your new smile lasts for a long time is to have great oral hygiene:

  • Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day
  • Floss daily
  • Cleanse the mouth with tap water after every meal
  • Stop smoking
  • See the dentist for routine consultations and professional cleanings

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